Apologies for being a day late but yesterday turned out to be an insane day and I was not at home to photograph the giveaway!

The winner of last weeks giveaway is: The Clip Cafe who would love to go to Egypt and visit the pyramids!

Drop me a line with your details HERE and I will send it out!

This week I am giving away all the BLUE in the above picture!


So here is the go:

Like most people who blog I love to watch my number of followers tick got up to 45 once and then has settled into a comfortable 42 for a while I have decided that this series of giveaways will be for my loyal followers...if you want in just join the awesome crew and leave a comment on each giveaway post. Already a follower? YOU ROCK! Just comment on the posts and you are entered too!

This weeks giveaway is a pack of BLUE fabric and trims...perfect for quilting, present wrapping, softies and even some big enough pieces for garments!

SO to make it interesting please leave a comment in response to: What do you want for Christmas this year?

I'd love books and some fabric....and perhaps some time to cosy up and read some books!

This giveaway will be drawn next Wednesday so you have a week!


  1. hmm, I'd like a magic cupboard that could store all my fabric and not take up any space in our already full house... oh, ok, a book would be fine!

  2. I'd like a new compact camera, maybe even a BLUE one! But it'll probably be pink.

  3. I would love a Go! for Christmas but I know I won't get one... so instead I'll be wishing for pj's. Thanks for a giveaway with blue fabric... I love the selection.

  4. hmmm...for christmas...I wish to spend it with my parents and my kids and for us all to have a lovely peaceful day, maybe for the weather to be mild enough so we can go for a walk down by the river near thier house. To put my finger on it more precisely I want to feel contented on the day. No real present, just enjoying the present moments. xoKate

  5. I'd love to look at my vegie patch and see it full of vegies instead of weeds!

  6. Hmm. What do I want for Christmas? To be with my family, every one happy. And maybe a good book or two :)


  7. A quiet day - just the four of us.

  8. I'd love some fabric - maybe a Moda "Pure" layer cake so I can make the Blueberry Chocolate squares quilt from Moda Bake Shop!


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