The Fabric Shop: We survived....almost unscathed...

First we hit up Rainbow Fabrics (in Kogarah, Sydney) for all we could get before heading to Spotlight (in Rockdale, Sydney). The above photo is all we got from Rainbow Fabrics which was half the price of the below haul from Spotlight. In retrospect I would have gotten more from Rainbow but I was in search of specific fabrics that neither shop ended up having so I settled for some things at Spotlight that I could have gotten cheaper....but it was too late to care at that point with two littlies.

Plus at Spotlight I did get some 'specialty' fabrics above for the girls which were probably the most pricey items ($14 per meter).

...take the two hauls from today and add to the above stash I had at home....

...and using these patterns and pictures for inspiration I will be making the following for Christmas:

Dorothy Dress (Size 3)
2 Glinda Dresses (Size 1 and 3)
2 Oliver and S Bubbles Dresses (Both Size 1 I think)
Christmas Skirt (Size 2)
Baby Romper (Size 1)
Clementine's Christmas Sack
Kiki Costume (Dress, Shoes, Bow and Satchel in Size 4)
Ponyo Dress and Bloomers (Size 3)
and a few secret projects for people over the age of 2 who can read!

I can't wait to get stuck into these projects....especially considering how fast time is flying I will have to get into gear and finish the Violet clothes...and then it's GIVEAWAY time!!!

PS....Clementine did bop her head in Rainbow Fabrics (not in my care) but slept through I think we got out alright!

edit: the puke-y pink ribbons in the top image were picked out by the 2 year old as a present for good behaviour...hence why they are sitting apart from the rest of the haul...I don't think I will let her pick fabrics for a while yet!


  1. Oh what lovely fabric you have there! A great day shopping... especially with two smalls!!!
    You've got quite the list going there. Good luck with it all.
    This is what happened when I let my son choose his own fabric!

  2. I can't wait to see what you make with this and your new Belle & Boo fabric, please let me know, I am excited


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