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Here are also the completed bloomers from last week and the beautiful model my creative space is really EMPTY as I am heading for a fabric shop (the first in a LONG time) to get the missing supplies for my Christmas making adventures that will begin next week after I have finished the last colour in the rainbow: Violet! Still a bit stumped by Violet.....what to make? What to make?

Hopefully I will survive the shopping adventures with my two little angels (haha) with the help of my mum....fingers crossed we get out alive!

You saw it HERE first...Clementine predicted a Dragon slaying and how did they slay! And then Amelie got the privilege of cuddling THE Dragon on Grand Final night...wave to the good people Amelie!

So...this is what has been in my creative space this week....and my is she very very helpful!

She is dressed in her favourite Dorothy dress...made for her first birthday....if she's very good she might get one in her size for Christmas! One of my upcoming Christmas projects...stay tuned!

For more creative spaces head over HERE!


  1. Such a sweet model - Clem I mean. Looks like she's far easy to take photos of than my little wiggle babe!

  2. Keen to sew already! Such sweet kids : )


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