My favourite piece from the RED collection!

I am giving away all in the above picture!


Like most people who blog I love to watch my number of followers tick got up to 45 once and then has settled into a comfortable 42 for a while I have decided that this series of giveaways will be for my loyal followers...if you want in just join the awesome crew and leave a comment on each giveaway post. Already a follower? YOU ROCK! Just comment on the posts and you are entered too!

This weeks giveaway is a pack of RED fabric and trims...perfect for quilting, present wrapping, softies and even some big enough pieces for garments!

SO to make it interesting please leave a comment in response to: What was your favourite childhood toy?


  1. I've been subscribed to your blog through Google Reader for quite awhile, but now I'm an official follower! Hurrah! Now that I'm getting addicted to sewing, I would love to have some more fabric and stuff to play around with!

    My favourite childhood toy was a lovely doll my grandmother made for my 1st birthday - her name was Katie. She was quite a tall doll - much taller than I was when my grandma gave her to me. She had no hair, but she had the most phenomenal wardrobe of clothes my grandma made, including matching hats for each outfit. I would love to make a doll's wardrobe like that for my niece!

  2. My favorite toy was a stuffed Teddy... and I still have the little guy today! Amazingly enough he is in excellent shape with only a couple bald spots. Thanks for a great giveaway - red is a favorite.

  3. Love a giveaway - I'm already a follower :)

  4. whoops - favourite toy would be a real toos up between my Cabbage Patch Doll or My Child. My Cabbage Patch Doll was called Frances!


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