I finished the Colette Chantilly Dress


I am so excited that I made it through and am SO happy with the results.

This is the first dress I have attempted for myself since the great Vouge Dress Disaster of 2005.....but we don't need to go there...

Making this dress took a week of stolen moments to do each little step....I have to unpick and redo several bits to get them right and then found myself unpicking bits that I had gotten right. At those times I had to step away and leave it for another day.

I came up against many challenges involved with trying to sew and look after 2 little ones at the same time....there were moments where I had to let my baby cry and my toddler stand next to me begging for me to stop sewing and read a book...

Then there was the overlocker from hell who decided to have a breakdown and refuse to overlock....I rethreaded the thing so many times I felt like it was going to kill me slowly and painfully.

BUT I did it and I am so proud of the results....sure there are many little mistakes here and there but the overall outcome is AWESOMENESS.....

The pattern and instructions were great....for me it was a lot to take in but I made myself take each step slowly...read and re-read the instructions and above all take it SLOWLY as I had learnt from the aforementioned Vouge Dress Disaster.

I also discovered the rolled hem foot on my machine and fell in love with the ease of hemming and the great result...I will definately be using this again.

So there you have it...I CAN make a dress for myself and I CAN make it AWESOME....and without tears (though it did come close to it with the overlocker from hell)!


  1. Congratulations it looks lovely and I know what you mean about stolen moments to sew - that's my life most days!!

  2. dude - this is awesome - now come make mine! I still haven't even bought the fabric!

  3. So beautiful! Well done! :)


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