Artist Statement Memory Project

As my camera is currently undergoing repairs I have been progressing all the elements of the project I can without the camera (to be prepared for it's return!)

I have developed a small artist statement as a guide for the project and to develop a proposal for funding opportunities.

Memory Keys

Memory is essential to our creation of self.

The key to memory is perspective.

It is the way that we look back and create memories of key events and moments in our life.

It is the individual perspective that makes the memory unique and can cause the memory to create a stamp on our character.

In each of our lives there are the moments that have shaped us, the moments that created stories retold for generations, and random moments that crop up throughout our lives.

In my series of work I hope to recreate a series of memories from my own perspective, recreating what I carry with me, regardless of the accuracy of the events or others memories.

These are the key memories of my life they I hold onto and carry in my mind, whether they make me smile, laugh or cry they are the pieces of me.

I want to craft fun and interesting images that explore the real and surreal, creating eerie and evocative images.


  1. Beautiful. I love what you have written here. A worthy ambition and some thoughtful observations too.


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