Make Your Own Baby Wipes from the New Hippie Mum

I have been making my own baby wipes for a while now with a tutorial from Mummajoy (HERE). This was mostly due to having 2 girls in nappies and going through wipes at an insane rate!!!

The only amendment I have made to the tutorial is to fold the paper towel instead of cutting it (see below) as it works better for me and the perforations are easy to tear. I would also recommend only getting the good paper towel VIVA or similar when on sale or you end up paying almost as much as wipes! I also had no trouble with mould at all....this could be due to the fact that I only make up one roll of towel at a time and because we go through them so quickly!

This week I have also started using cloth nappies (above) which has been fun (mostly because they look like a rainbow which always makes me smile) and was much easier than I expected....

So all in all I feel like a Hippie Mum....or is this just life now for all mums balancing the costs and environmental impact???


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