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On Thursday I went the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair with some lovely friends, my first fair in a while! Thankfully the girls were with their grandparents for the day!

Here is what I came home with:

Some Anna Maria Honer (top left) for a project from my new book, some Saffron Craig (bottom right) for as yet unknown project for the girls, and some other random bits!

Stalls I bought from:

I was also lucky enough to take part in Louise Snook's screen printing workshop. I haven't done this style of fabric printing since high school and it was great to relearn the skills and make a little tea towel:

I also did a spot of shopping in the online marketplace too - I saw this series on the Hawthorne Threads newsletter and I just had to get it...the series is The Ghastlies by Alexander Henry...I love them...the white background is 2 yards and will be something for me...and the mauve one will be something for the girls....stay tuned!

And lastly I received this surprise gift of beautiful ribbon and buttons from Stranger than Fiction! Thanks so much...I love it!

So all in all I have quite a bit of lovely fabric goodness to keep me going for a while!


  1. I got some of that cotton tape too. Dont' know what I'll use it for, but I had to have it!

  2. Me too!! I have no idea...maybe softies or ties for something...or a skirt trim...too nice to leave behind!

  3. That ghastlies fabric is fabulous! I have never seen or heard of it before but I am going to have to order some. I LOVE it!


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