Designing Fabric from Sketch to Print

Hanging in pride of place and making my kitchen look pretty (well prettier). Now I just have to pluck up the courage to atually use it - for now I just love looking at it (so proud)

Onto how to make a sketch a clean and crisp digital image:

I have been pondering for a while how best to make a sketch digital to print it...I have asked many people and searched online...surely this is a simple and basic concept?!?!

Finally two blogs I follow answered the question on the same day!

Most poeple scan in the sketch and trace the work digitally through illustrator...if you are interested in creating your own fabric to print head over here to Whip Up for an excellent run down on how the 'pros' do it!

Sandi Henderson has previously explained the design process but I was disappointed when she left out the KEY step which I was searching for!

But she totally came good this weekend when she explains how she drafts patterns - on newspaper like me...and then scans and traces them into illustrator!

So hip hip horrah my little mystery is to dream of a scanner bigger than might be time to scan in my newspaper cape pattern as it is getting pretty worn and torn!


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