This week I have been hunting down inspiration for upcoming projects both photographic and textile based:

I am toying with the idea of entering The Tessuti Awards with the theme: Linen and Lace

I have rediscovered a love of Julia Fullerton's work and I may have to devote a seperate post to her!

From: My Children's Clothing Inspiration Board


In my search for inspiration for upcoming projects I have been using Pintrest as a virtual visual diary. I was hesitant to start using it as I like to keep my social media to a minimum as I feel like you can be uploading the same image across 5 different sites and I like to keep things condensed. However it has been an awesome way to collect my inpsiration together and mull over ideas! If you want to see my pins click HERE! It's also a great way to see who has pined things from your blog...for example just type in:

It's a lot of fun!

In other news:
I have a lovely length of bright yellow cotton fabric that I am going to make into an amazing summer sundress and tutorial!

I need to make some plain black work pants this week which is a little less exciting but much more urgent!

I have been pattern testing and sewing up another little Ponyo to send out into the world!

I am going to start up a photo thread soon which you can play along with if you want to...


  1. woaaah, what a fantastic picture (the 2nd one). makes it on my inspiration board, too! ;o)


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