Clementine's Alice Tea Party

This weekend we celebrated Clementine's first birthday with an Alice Tea Party - her dress was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice Costume which we were lucky enough to see in person and to meet Tim Burton last year! There she is hiding in the sling!

The Birthday Girl

The Dress - Front

The Dress - Back

This was the best shot I could get of her wearing the dress!

Her big sister as the traditional Alice 'helping' her open her presents!

Silhouettes of Clementine

I used smaller silhouettes and doilies on the party bags!

The Party Table

The outdoor party set-up

Yummy goodness!

Some Martha Pom Poms...

and I finally 'mastered' the cake ball...well almost...there were much improved and had many more takers!

The Birthday Cake! I made a blue (dark green-blue) velvet cake with cream cheese icing...she almost looks like she is falling down the rabbit hole..she just needs a mini fan on her hair!

My ideas and inspiration came from:


  1. What a fabulous party. the dress is gorgeous and the little silhouettes are beautiful!

  2. great party! you really go to town with the parties! love it and great cake balls too!

  3. so lovely! I adore the stitching on her little dress! Nice choices, and great party set up.


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