Today we made our first batch of Christmas Gingerbread...with what is now become a tradition for us at Christmas time...we always leave some for Santa too. I have been using this recipe for years...and try to make them as thick and chewy as possible. This year I had Amelie to help out with the stirring and taste testing...and she couldn't wait to sink her teeth into them...even if her mum did give her one of the overcooked ones not suitable as gifts!

I would love to say that Amelie decorated them too but sadly that is all me....I had limited supplies of food colouring and sprinkles I swear!

Amelie also posted the girls' letter to Santa. She has asked for a green present for both herself and Clementine. Fingers crossed to see how good she is before Christmas!


  1. lol, that is Grand!
    We have Gingerbread on our baking list for the out of school Holidays in about a week.
    I can't wait.
    We posted to Santa also. You're little girl is so cute!


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