My Little Pony Capes

My Little Ponies! 

Another awesome piece of 1980's nostalgia that I can share with my girls!

They love watching and playing anything to do with the ponies so I thought they would love to have reversible pony capes to play with!

Amelie chose Twilight Sparkle + Fluttershy 
Clementine chose Pinkie Pie + Applejack

Vital Statistics

Alterations: Pony ears added using this tutorial from Rae Gun Ramblings and Cutie Marks appliqued onto the fabric before construction!

Fabric: Polyester for the capes and felt for the Cutie Marks. I topstitched all around the cape and ears to counteract the slippery nature of the polyester!

Some in-progress shots of the cutie marks coming together...

....all stitched on ready and ready to go!


  1. Oh My gosh! Way to cute! Makes me wish I had little ones again!

  2. So sweet!! I think they are so cute! Thanks again for sewing along for our Geek Spectacular! That pattern looks so darling!

  3. Lovely, I was never really into My Little Pony, but these are gorgeous!!

  4. Wow! What a lot of fun and what an excellent idea.


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