Aquaman and Green Lantern Costumes

This year for Halloween Atticus wanted to be Aquaman!

To make his little dreams come true I made him leggings, a shirt and a belt. I found a little devils fork and spray painted it gold along with some net and his belt!



To make the Aquaman costume I drafted a simple pattern from a pair of baby leggings and stitched them up - it took maybe 5 minutes to create this awesomeness:

The fabric is from Spotlight

To make the top I used the same technique and copied a long-sleeve tee. I stitched the sequined fabric onto a knit fabric to stabalise it and then constructed it. I cut the neckline a bit flatter to suit Aquaman. I added a bias trim to the inside seams once I realised the cut sequins were lethal!

Atticus overseeing the operation!

Green Lantern

For Atticus' Green Lantern Costume I made two simple symbols out of felt and stitched them onto an existing body suit and tee! I also made a little felt mask for him but that did not last long...


  1. AQUAMAN~! He is so friggin adorable and I LOVE your fabric choices! It's glorious! And the the Green Lantern shirt is so sweet! <3

  2. this aquaman is simply incredible! so cool!

  3. Love both of these costumes. Aquaman is so darn cute!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS. You are amazing!
    These are adorable.

  5. Wow, this is amazing and super cute! Thank you for the tutorial!
    Lena x

  6. I love your costumes! They look comfortable, too, a real plus for little ones :)

  7. What a good idea to spray paint a devil's pitchfork! You can find those anywhere! Such a cute costume (and kiddo!!)

  8. Awesome costume and little one:) He's so cute!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday last week.


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