Amelie's Rainbow Bee Dress.

Amelie was so excited to receive her prize from the quilt competition and it was an amazing bag full of wonderful quilting fabrics. She immediately decided she wanted to make a ball gown with the fabric...I tried to steer her in a more quilt-y direction but she was determined!

She drew up a design with all the important elements - puffy sleeves, a rainbow skirt and a train!

We chose the stunning Bee My Honey fabric that she had a layer cake and jelly of in her prize pack!

For the bodice we pieced together her chosen fabrics to cut out sleeves, front and back. For the skirt we made a rainbow of jelly roll pieces - and used the left overs for her 'train'.

The lovely detachable train!

It was a fun project to work together on - she loves the dress (so do I!) and can't wait to wear it to a friends birthday party this week. For me it was a lesson in patience but she was a bit bored with the trickier piecing so we balanced out our share of the dress!

Vital Statistics

Pattern: Made it up as we went!

Fabric: Bee My Honey by Mary Jane for ModaPrize from PK Fabrics


  1. Gorgeous!
    I'm a colour-addicted and particularly love rainbows, so you can imagine how much I love this dress! :-)

  2. I want to make a grown up sized one for me! I would have LOVED this dress when I was little, I love everything about it. Maybe just a skirt version for a grown up would be ok........ did I mention I love this dress?!

  3. Thanks so much! You could totally make an adult one...I am tempted to steal some of her amazing fabric myself!


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