Elsa Costume for Book Week

Last week was BOOK WEEK and Amelie's school has a dress up day! We tried to sway her from Elsa but she was determined...along with most of the school! Her birthday Elsa Costume has been worn to death literally so I promised to make her a new one!

Spotlight have started stocking blue snowflake fabric so we snapped some up and this dress was a quick and easy one with the much loved Oliver and S Bubble Dress pattern!

Vital Statistics

Pattern: Oliver and S Bubble Dress (with a lengthened skirt)
Fabric: A mix of Rainbow Fabrics (Sparkly Bodice) and Spotlight (Snowflake Fabric)

Accessories by Amelie!

Clementine also got in on the book week fun and dressed up in her Anna Costume!


  1. How beautiful the dress!!
    Your little ones are so pretty too!!
    Hugs from Spain!

  2. Beautiful! Perfect fabric choice too! I really like the curved yoke line on this dress.

  3. We tried to sway her from Elsa but she was determined... elsawomen.blogspot.com


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