DIY Ironing Board Cover

A quick DIY for an ironing board cover - can be used on both the mini and maxi variety!

1. Cut 1 of cotton wadding the same shape as the ironing board. If you are using this for a real ironing board you can get insul-brite heat resistant batting.

Cut 1 of main fabric in the same shape as the ironing board plus 2 inches (4 inches for large board). 

Baste the wadding in place in the centre as shown above.

2. Clip 2 small squares out of the bottom corners as shown above. Leave half an inch seam allowance on both sides.

3. Stitch the sides of the cut out squares together.

4. Fold the edge of the main fabric over 1/4 inch twice to form a casing. Stitch the casing down at the edges as shown above - leaving an opening at the centre front of the main fabric.

5. Cut out elastic for your casing - this can be from 1/8 - 1/4 inch in width. If you are making a larger cover you can expand the casing to 1/2 inch wide and use a thicker and stronger elastic. Thread the elastic through the casing and tighten till it hugs the board well. Cut to size if necessary and stitch the ends together. Finish off the casing once the elastic is inside by stitching the opening shut. 

All done and ready for action!


  1. I always make my own ironing board covers, not normally as beautifully made as this, I must admit! I just layer them up so each time I have just a little more padding! Next time I will try making it nicely following your tutorial thanks

  2. Oh, my ironing board could use a little sprucing up like this!

  3. Excellent tute! I'd love to see you join us at the Inspire Us Thursdays link party on


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