Wee Wander Rainbow Quilt and Pillowcase

This weekend I turned my Wee Wander Fat Quarters into a quilt and pillowcase for Clementine's 4th Birthday.

I absolutely adore this fabric and am so glad it came out in time for me to make this quilt that I hope Clementine will cherish forever! She has already picked out her favourite fabric 'the horsies'.

I was a bit stuck for a backing as all the fabric I had wasn't big enough. After searching my linen cupboard I used a lovely soft cotton flannel sheet for backing so the quilt should be nice and warm!

I used my favourite method of quilting - a machine zigzag!

May there be many hours of snuggles and peekaboo ahead for this quilt!

I made the pillowcase in the same style as Amelie's Briar Rose pillowcase - using the scraps from the fat quarters which turns out to be the perfect length. Clementine loved her new pillowcase so much it was a bit of a struggle to get it back to put away for her birthday!

Vital Statistics

My Amendments to the Pattern: Instead of the yardage suggested I purchased a complete set of fat quarters and used all 21 of the prints instead of 17. I cut the fat quarters into 9 squares measuring 6 inches each. The final size of the finished quilt is 82 inches by 66 inches. 

To quilt it I used a walking foot on my standard machine and quilted every second zig zag 1/4 inch from the seam. This created a lovely chevron pattern on the back of the quilt.

To back the quilt I used a queen size flannel sheet I found in my linen cupboard!

To bind the quilt I used a large off-white flat sheet to keep it plain and leave the focus on the beautiful rainbow!

For the wadding I used a premium seed cotton wadding.

The quilt is now tucked away for Clementine's birthday in May. It too is looking forward to many years of snuggles, fort building, hide and seek, and imaginative play!

See also: Amelie's Briar Rose Quilt


  1. Oh, how lovely! I really like the pattern and tonal arrangement of the quilt. Gorgeous.

  2. I am in such awe of the beautiful quilts like this I see on clever people's blogs. It is just too lovely for words! Everything about this is beautiful and lovely and amazing (I am running out of superlatives!)

  3. Gorgeous! You make quilt making look so easy! Thanks for sharing...Lori (visiting from Frontier Dreams)

  4. Love this quilt!
    Wonderful colors, wonderful pattern, it's a complete package.

  5. Beautiful. I love this quilt!

  6. Love it! So gorgeous. Beautiful.

  7. Perfect. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays on The Inspired Wren.

  8. A beautiful quilt!!! Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  9. Beautiful work and I love your vital statistics!!!

  10. Love this! I bought a set of the fat quarters too and have been cutting out 6 inch squares for days. :)


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