Why this is not a baking blog!

So...here's the thing about cooking and me...I love to cook and bake under the right conditions...you know well behaved children...great ingredients and free time!

So the cooking and baking for fun doesn't happen all that often...and when it does I have another issue...

Poor food photography...and unattractive food!

I get so excited that I take photos...and it usually taste good but is just so darn ugly!

On that note here are some amazing things we have been cooking up in our house!

We made our own Pizza dough which was exciting and mostly out of necessity as we had run out of Lebanese Bread that we usually use as a base! It was really yummy although the children refused to eat it all!

We also made some garlic naan bread!

And lastly some banana and chocolate muffins which scrubbed up the best!

I think I might hang up my food camera for a while...with the exception of Clementine's birthday post...and get back to the eating!


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