Care Bear Hoodies

I've had this project waiting on the side for a while...I thought I had better get stuck into it as the weather is cooling down!

I was inspired by this amazing hoodie...check out the tutorial HERE!

I used the same pattern the Yorik by Farbenfix de as I loved the way the hood sat - and it was a very easy pattern - even with the german instructions!

The girls picked which bear they wanted ages ago (Cheer Bear for Amelie and Funshine for Clementine) and I had the fabric all ready to go...then at the last minute...luckily JUST before I cut the pattern out they switched...Amelie's new favourite colour is Yellow and Clementine has switched to Pink!

First up I made the patches for the tummies which was fun doing some hand embroidery with felt on fleece:

For the rest I pretty much stuck to the instructions - with the addition of the cute bear ears!

I love how they turned out...the sewing is not 100%...I am so used to working with cotton that knits always stretch a little with me!

But on the plus side the girls love them and it's something bright and fun for the cold days ahead!

Getting their care bear stares on!

After the photo sessions the girls decided to put on a little Care Bear's great to share something from my childhood with the girls!


  1. So very very very DELIGHTFUL! I've always been a bit of a care bear fan - but was never fortunate enough to have my own. Funnily my eldest son loves them too... but at six years old would not be caught wearing a care bear hoodie!!!

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  3. These are divine! :) Brings back lovely memories of my care bear days! :)

  4. Totally digging these! Have you considered adding them to the Sew Geeky flikr pool? Mb you have already, but I didn't notice them there when I added my Ms.Pacman dress. My daughter still likes to watch the Care Bear Movie on Netflix (now I'm not going to get the song out of my head... "The Forest of Feeling, Care-a-lot, and Earth are not far apart..." hahaha).


  5. Super cute. Love the embroidery on the front. Turned out really great

  6. How adorable are these?! Love your embroidery, and I'm sure these will be so fun to put on during the chilly weather ahead!

  7. awww those hoodies are too cute! pinning them!! Love how cozy they look and totally care bear inspired! I'm currently hosting a sewing series called Sew Many Books. there is a sew a long {with prizes!} If you have sewed anything inspired by a book in 2014 I'd love to have you join! Hop over to Nap-Time Creations and check out the series! Emily

  8. My girl really likes the care bears too which is so fun. Great sweatshirts!!

  9. Great embroidery and the hoodies are perfect for the cooler weather coming. Your girls look adorable! Well done!

  10. Can you make 4 of them? Lol I am doing a group costume and I am thinking we can be care bear and those are SO cute!


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