Country Towns and Vintage Sheets

I realise that I don't hit the op shops that often...but when I do I always look for vintage sheets. I've noticed a trend that they have disappeared from the city op shops (at least when I visit)...people have gotten wise! 

So whenever I am in Cooma town I try to make a trip to the Salvos as they usually have a sheet or two for me...this time I was not disappointed...they had 11 beauties waiting for me!

It's nice to have a little collection again! I will start by using these as quilt backings...and then maybe some dresses...if anyone wants to swap a sheet or two let me know!


  1. Totally jealous!! Will keep my eyes pealed! :)

  2. I love vintage sheets...have only really been looking for them lately. Am transforming two awesome ones into dresses and another pretty green floral will be for my daughter's quilt back. They are gems!

  3. What a lovely collection of vintage sheet goodness.

  4. What an amazing amount of sheets to get from an op shop. Found you via sew many ways. Love what you do.

  5. Those are beautiful.......if I can ask a dumb question, how can you tell if they are actually vintage?

    1. Great question! I usually look at the style of print to tell if it's vintage or not. Since vintage is only 20+ years ago there are a whole range pre(and early )-90's that figure into it.

      It is hard to define and know for sure when a sheet is dated. To me the most important thing is the style of print - I prefer the 60's and 70's prints and some of the 80's kids prints!

      I hope this has been helpful!


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