It's All Angles Dress

The Original Shirt

This was a fun one to play around with...and when I say fun what I really mean to say is hours and hours of sewing, unpicking and re-sewing! You wouldn't know it to look at it but this one took a lot of work!

For the final design I love the contrast of the grid direction in the bias trim and the skirt. I also love the two little angles on the skirt that stick out!

I added handmade piping to the bodice in an attempt to make it more girly and for a chance to play around with piping...I think this may be my first time!

The final dress is a fun play dress...which can be classed up with a lace Clementine demonstrates below!


  1. New life has been breathed into that shirt! Love it with the lace ruff!

  2. I love how happy your daughter always looks.. and that lace ruffle adds a totally different look.


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