Bread Making and Quilting

This week I have been doing the fun task of a major clean up! Getting rid of a lot of excess toys and rubbish that has collected around the house...I thought it would be a one day ended up taking about 4 days...but by Sunday afternoon it was all done and I rewarded myself with some bread making and quilting!

This is the first bread I have ever made - using my handy new Kitchen Aid - and the recipe from the packet of bread flour I purchased! 

It turned out well for my first ever bread...I was pretty excited it turned out at all! It was very yummy...I can't wait to cut off another slice and lather it in Strawberry Jam!

These are the beginnings of a mini vintage sheet quilt...the second in the rainbow! You can see the freshly baked bread on the pink one above!

Now I have a clean house - well for 5 minutes at least - I am looking forward to getting back into my quilting run!

PS Bread baking has the most amazing's worth making just to bask in that!


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