Christmas Baking

Today we got stuck into our Christmas baking with our new Kitchen Aid!

First up Vanilla Currant Cookies:

Whipping up some icing!

The eager taste testers finally getting a bite...after a few hundred rounds of 'can I have one now?'

Recipe is from the Women's Weekly 'Biscuits and Slices' Book

Next up we made two batches of Gingerbread:

Some green royal icing sugar...yum!

Amelie hard at work rolling the dough!

Our tower of Gingerbread goodness!

Finally we set up a little decorating station...I iced while Amelie added the sprinkles and m+m's.

So pretty!

It was a fun day baking and playing with my new toy!

Now all my sewing and baking is done for the year I am going to have a week off...although I may pick up the crochet hook to try and finish my rainbow blanket over the break!


  1. yummo! isn't it the best for baking! I love that if I've missed an ingredient I can just wander around the kitchen and get a few things while it's still mixing:) :)



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