The Best Christmas Present Ever!

This week I won an amazing giveaway from Retro Mummy!

She very generously gave away TWO kitchen aids for Christmas and I was one of the lucky recipients!

I couldn't believe it when I saw my name...I was in shock! I have dreamed of a kitchen aid FOREVER but never thought that I would ever be able to own I admired them from afar!

Until now! 

Sometimes dreams come true...


The girls were as eager as me to open the HUGE package that arrive today:


Next we had to tidy up the bench and clear a space for Kitchen Aid!

(Amelie snuck in some Vampire teeth!)

The kitchen aid came with some brilliant accessories...I can't wait to get stuck into the recipe book!

Amelie loved the Captain Hook Hook (otherwise known as the dough hook!) 

We wait to get stuck into some baking...I am so excited the Kitchen Aid arrived in time for our big Christmas bake off on Friday...I will keep you posted with the results of our first Kitchen Aid adventure!

This great surprise coincided with another that we can now share! 
This week we hit the magic 12 weeks mark! 
Baby number 3 is on the way...due in July 2013...I will keep you updated with our progress!

For now I will be dreaming of the many things I make and bake...I think I am going to attempt some bread making!

Any other suggestions for awesome things to make with our Kitchen Aid?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! On both fronts what an exciting gift and an even more exciting arrival to plan for. Lovely, lovely xx

  2. Wow! Double Awesome! I saw your name on RM's blog and was so happy for you. Now I'm even happier!! Congratulations!!!

  3. oh wow this is a huge blog post!!!!! I'm so glad it went to a happy home:) enjoy and thank you so much for sharing was so much fun to give them away!!!

    now get baking and wishing you a safe and easy pregnancy


  4. Congratulations. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  5. Congratulations on being a winner - such a fabulous thing to win and I am sure you will make the most of it.
    Congratulations also on your pregnancy.

  6. HUGE congratulations on both fronts! I was so excited to see your name on Corrie's post - you deserve it and it will get some much use! Hopefully will catch you and the growing bump at the next owls! Have a great chrissy & new years xx

  7. You will love this machine. I use mine all the time. I use it for baking but I also use it for mixing my ingredients for meat balls. I put in the ground beef and the seasonings I want then I use the dough hook to mix it all up. It works great!
    I have been following Retro Mummy for a while now. I love reading about her babies.
    I enjoyed looking at your blog.
    hugs from
    South Louisiana, USA

  8. BUTTER! Toss some cream in and let that puppy mix until you hear sloshing :)


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