A Mermaid Tale

and a Mermaid Tail!


Amelie loves her Babrie Mermaid Merliah from A Mermaid Tale (1&2) and when we were on a fabric shopping adventure she found this lovely fabric below and begged for me to make her a new Merliah Mermaid Tail!

The fabric was pretty expensive so I got the minimum cut I thought I could make do....and for the tail I used some pink tulle I had lying around. In retrospect I would have used more tulle to make the tail larger but I worked with what I had!

The tail is a simple tube with an elastic waist and hem. It is a little large on Amelie but I am hoping it will last a while as she seems to be having a growth spurt!

Some beautiful Mermaid swimming action!

PS Do not despair Clementine fans...I have some costumes for her too...but I have been waiting for some warm weather to photograph them!


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