Never Fear BATGIRL is HERE!

Never Fear BATGIRL is HERE!

She sometimes gets saddened by crime...

..and she turns her back on it!

Till she is ready to fight for justice!

Using her twirling skills...

and her ability to laugh in the face of anything...

...really laugh!

Then she SPRINGS into ACTION! BAM!

Take THAT bad guys!

Until next time...

...take a bow Batgirl!

Dress Details: Made with my awesome screen printed bat fabric...well the good bits I could find and cut out! I used my Ponyo pattern for a basic dress but altered the collar with a simple bias trim!


  1. Such beatufiul photos!! What great fabric and a fabulous dress! Go Batgirl!

  2. Oh I love this!! So fabulous. My youngest (12 now) would have lived in this when she was little. Great dress and beautiful screen print design :) Kx


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