Laptop Sleeve Tutorial

I have been itching to make a new laptop sleeve for a while and my old one finally gave out with a zipper breakage (Hurrah! Don't worry I will recycle the cute Snow White fabric!)

This tutorial is based on my 13 inch Macbook - but I will show you how to measure up your own!

You will need two pattern pieces (or just cut the fabric without a pattern).

One rectangle is 15 inches by 11 inches (front) and the other is 18 inches by 11 inches (back)

otherwise known as:

laptop height (plus 2 inches) by laptop width (plus 2 inches) and laptop height (plus 5 inches) by laptop width (plus 2 inches)

Cut one of each pattern piece in the main fabric, lining and a thin wadding (if you are using a thick fabric you can leave out the wadding!)

For my wadding to save money I pieced it together from scraps so it looks a bit dodgy but works just as well!

STEP 1 (optional)

Sew the wadding to the 2 lining in a cross pattern - I only chose this method because I was using scrappy wadding - if I had a full piece I would have left this step out - so it's up to you - cross or no cross!


Attach the sleeve lining pieces to each other right sides together - sewing the around sides and bottom (overlock if you please!).

Repeat this step with the main fabric.


Find an elastic hair tie or use a strip of elastic for the closure. 

I used an old hair tie that was broken at the top but still good!

Cut excess of the elastic tie off - pin to the centre top of the longer rectangle (back piece) and then baste in place!


Place the lining inside the main fabric right sides together and pin together around the raw edges as shown. Leave an opening on the smaller rectangle (front piece).

Stitch around the pinned area, leaving the opening to turn it the right side round!


Turn the laptop sleeve right side around and either hand stitch the opening shut or top stitch around the top.


Sew a button on the front piece in a spot designated by where the elastic stretched to hold the sleeve closed!

And you're done!

Admire and have fun with your new awesome laptop sleeve...or make some for your friends and family for Christmas!

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Stay more tutorial to come this week!


  1. Looks great! Thanks for the tutorial : )

  2. Gorgeous ... especially as I'm in loathing sewing zippers mode ... loving closures that don't have teeth :~)

  3. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly love that fabric. Oh my kingdom for a laptop!

  4. It looks fantastic & I just adore that fabric too!

  5. looks awesome! and that fabric is friggin awesome :)

  6. I've just bookmarked your tutorial. You've done a great job of making this look easy. My poor powerbook has been without a sleeve for so long, it would be nice to make it some clothes! Thanks!

  7. Love that fabric and what a wonderful tutorial...I might do it one day...if I ever get a laptop!

  8. Great fabric and repouposing ideas.

  9. So envious of that fabric...

    Great job!

  10. Ooh lovely! I think I'll have to make one....

  11. thank you!
    and i absolutely adore that fabric!!!


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