Pay It Forward with Craft 2011

With Craft!

This week I received my beautiful 'Pay it Forward' package from Kristie of Rouke and Henry: Coco's Closet

I had to pry it from Amelie to take a photo of the cute wrapping!

Check out our beautiful goodies:

Thanks so much to Kristie - it was such a beautiful surprise!

So now it's my turn to Pay It Forward

So the first five people who comment on this post will receive some crafty goodness in exchange for paying it fowards!

Please include your email address so I can get in touch!


  1. What a cute present, and what an amazing idea! I'm loving this so much and can't wait to post this on my own blog! *fingers crossed I'm one of the first 5 to comment because I ADORE your work*

    Oops, forgot to include my e-mail, so sorry.

  2. After much deliberation, I have decided I can do this, I must do this, I will do this. Hope i'm in the lucky 5.

  3. This is such a great idea! Wonderful fall crafts to pass along! I have loved following your blog! So creative! Hope I'm one of the first five! :)


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