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For my first creative space of the year I thought I would show you what has been going on around here most Thursdays:

Bloomers for Amelie's Strawberry Shortcake Costume (Shhh)

Blythe love...thanks SO much to Chaotic Jupiter for the generous gift....we love her...and she didn't stay in the box for long...

...we made her a swing!

I have made some more progress on the Alice costume too...I only need to add some applique to the apron and I am done!

Amelie has also been into my hair clip stash...all in all we have been pretty busy on Thursdays!

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  1. Love the bloomers!
    Love the Alice costume!
    Love the cute little redhead!

  2. Those bloomers are too cute! Love the Alice costume too, looks like you've had some busy Thursday's.


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