An Apron A Day

For Amelie's 3rd Birthday I am making her a Strawberry Shortcake and an Alice in Wonderland costume (SHHH!)

I love this vintage Strawberry Shortcake book I found while op-shopping and am basing the costume on the one in this book (though they are all pretty similar!)

I love this above image of Raspberry and Custard!

A good view of the back of the apron

SHH...Apple Dumpling (Clementine may dress up as her for the party...stay tuned)

Shh....don't tell Amelie about the awesomeness!

I adapted an apron pattern and changed the side openings to a back opening and tapered the centre back as in the illustration of the apron. I also added the ruffle cap sleeves!

I love the result...I just have to add the green diamonds and do some embroidery to complete it!

Hanging around in my workroom!


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