A Sneak Peek at the Next Two Colours of the Rainbow

I have had a pretty good sewing week and have finished Orange and Yellow. Orange was pretty challenging as I didn't have much or really ANY orange fabric. Since I have also vowed to only use materials that I already own, (in an attempt to create something beautiful out of my fabric piles and not spend more money at the fabric shop!), I had to be creative and use a yellow-orange pallet!

Today was the first day after the rain that I could photograph the clothes and it was also a perfect day for my model to decide that she didn't want to wear any of the new clothes, she only wanted to wear her 'party dress' that she was wearing for Father's Day!

So here is a little sneak peek, until I can get better shots! Here's hoping for better weather and more flexible models!

Amelie in her 'Party Dress'




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