Notepad Holder Tutorial

Tutorial for a Notepad Holder
This is a very simple project, child level if you want a fun craft to do with the little ones! It is a good little tutorial for those of you who need a little notepad holder around the house!

Step One - Cut out two pieces of cardboard in the desired shape of the holder. Use a medium weight cardboard (I found toy boxes to be perfect). It will help to use your notepad as a guide to the correct size, leaving a few centimeters space on each side of the pad.

Step Two - Cut out two pieces of fabric leaving approx. 1 inch of allowance in excess of the cardboard size. At this stage you may choose to add embellishments to your fabric in the form of felt, stitcheries, lace, whatever you fancy!

Step Three - For each piece place the cardboard and fabric wrong sides together (the non-patterned side of the cardboard is the wrong side!). Using a PVC glue neatly place it around the edge - or messily everywhere in my case.

Step Four - On each piece fold all the edges over, ensuring you hold the fabric taut so there is no excess fabric on the right side. Fold corners on a diagonal and clip down with bulldog clips to dry. You can lay it flat (wet side up) or up against something to dry.

Step Five - Once both pieces are dry select a length of trim to hold the notepad and to create a hook at the top. Leave approx. an inch allowance on each side and use your notepad to select the optimum height for the trim. Attach with glue the the back of each piece as shown.
Step Six - Use the PVA Glue neatly around the edge of the wrong side on each piece before aligning them to each other.

Step Seven - Hold the final glued work in place with bulldog clips on each corner and several paper clips along the sides to ensure that the work it remains tightly glued together for the final drying process.

Back of final glued work.

YAH once dry you have a lovely notepad holder!

For all your listing or drawing requirements!
I had intended to write something incredibly intelligent and witty on the pad for the final image but after a tough weekend my mind had pretty well stopped working!

Apologies for the quality of the photos but it was an insane day of moving furniture around and trying to craft in between!
I made a second notepad holder which is this weeks giveaway....head over to here to win.


  1. That is soo sweet, I'm definately giving these are go for stocking stuffers (and I've been looking for a way to use up my Kokka Linen/Cotton scraps) - thanks!


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