30 March 2010 Daily Inspiration

The Best Handmade Wedding Ever...

The Wedding Dress made by the Mother of the Bride (Fabulous!)

Bridal Train

The lovely beaded hairpiece made by the Mother of the Bride

Flower girl Dresses (Amelie's on top made by me and Audrey's below made by the Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid Milly)

Loren putting the ribbon on the bouquets

Close up of the Bow on the Flowers

The Brilliant Bouquets handmade by Bridesmaid Loren and Friend of the Bride Catherine

Amelie with Stolen Flowers

Getting Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

In the Church with lovely flowers, amazing dress and gorgeous bride (and handsome groom)

Beautiful Bridesmaids Loren and Milly

Hand Sewn Hearts on the Pews of the Church

Just Married!

Our Family Photo Outside the Church

All tuckered out after a long day!

Groom and Bride

Beautiful Bridesmaid Milly and the Awesome Dress she made....having fun with the photo backdrop and props!

Marque with Lanterns and Hearts Sewn Hanging Down

Lantern with hearts sewn and strung below

The beautiful table layout, including handmade table runners made by Bridesmaid Milly....vintage napkins on plates....vintage vases with flower arrangements....and on the left you can glimpse the bonbons which I hoped to find a better photo of...they were beautifully stamped and typed with each guest's name and filled with Easter eggs!

Handmade Birds Designed and Made by the Bride (for more check out her Blog)

The Wedding Cake with Birds, and the lanterns over the Bridal table in the background

The Birds had been having some fun walking on the cake!

And not to be left out of the creative process, the Groom wrote and performed a song for the Bride with his brother and his Groom's man Alex


  1. OMG! It's just fabulous -- all that creativity and joy. I love it. I would love to do a 'handmade' wedding -- just have to find someone I know who is about to wed :-)


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