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On Friday night I finished this vest for the new little one (Due in May). The wool and buttons have been recycled and the pattern was free from Ravelry. This one came together very quickly as I knitted during my lunch breaks and a bit at home. It has one tiny mistake in it which I chose to keep as a signature (two little stitches out of place which reminds me that I made this!)

I love knitting small garments as they only use a small amount of wool and are achievable projects for me. I think I will attempt one more cardigan for Amelie before she is out of my knitting range! Thankfully she is a small girl!

On Sunday morning I put on a lovely 2nd hand dress (from a friend of a friend) that I can fit my bump (YAH)

And made yummy buttermilk pancakes with a recipe from Portabello Pixie. They were brilliant but the batter made SO time I will only use 1/3 of the ingredients...they still made 6 huge pancakes that we couldn't finish!

In between helping to rearrange our house and several loads of washing I made these two shopping list holders out of a need for one in our house:

You can enter a giveaway for the above list holder HERE.

This one is now hanging in our kitchen, ready for us to write down our shopping needs!
PS I have also finished another project for the new bub that just needs stitching up....hopefully I can show you the finished product soon....and then hopefully I can switch back and take more photos!


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