Sew Geeky: David Bowie

In memory of David Bowie I am taking part in the Sew Geeky: David Bowie Series. We are huge fans and had just come back from burying our beloved dog Flute when we heard the news, it was a pretty devastating day.

Looking through photos of Bowie I was struck by this amazing portrait of Ziggy Stardust by Lynn Goldsmith:

To recreate the look I screen printed some red lightening bolts and stitched it into a top using the Wee Wander Pattern (drastically altering the ruffle and making it into a top)!

I love the dramatic look of the top and for the photoshoot the girls wanted to wear the Aladdin Sane make up - so it ends up as a Ziggy/Aladdin mash up!

RIP David Bowie

See more of the amazing Sew Geeky: David Bowie creations HERE!

A little flashback to Clementine's Labyrinth 3rd Birthday!


  1. I adore this so much! What you did with that pattern is such a transformation! I love that you saw it, and thought, BAM, there's my pattern inspiration! SO creative! And that Labyrinth pic and birthday theme is a definite "winning at life" moment. Seriously! Algorithmic high five!

    1. Thanks so much!! I had my eye out for a top with two seams to add the 'wings' and then went a little nuts cutting it wider :-)

  2. I just love this outfit so much, you did such a great interpretation! And your daughter is adorable.

  3. YEASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my! That top is gorgeous! And I just love that Labyrinth birthday :D I'd like to have a birthday like that, too :3


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