I have been created...broken and pieced together again...A Quilt

This quilt was a lot of fun to make!

Inspired by Luke Haynes for the quilt top style and The Tattooed Quilter for the Grid Quilting!

Check out their quilts...AMAZING!

I created a range of random quilt blocks - I think the pinks were my favourite! The fabric is from Amelie's Moda quilt show winnings...I traded her some Inside Out fabric for it! And there is still loads more!

I then stitched them all together...

...re-cut new squares and stitched them together again!

To quilt I tried out the grid quilting method featured on The Sewing Party! I was in a rush so I went a little nuts sewing it...but I am pretty happy with it for a first go!


PS I may be a little obsessed with black and white striped binding!


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