Halloween 2015

This year for Halloween we mixed some handmade with some bought costumes!

Andy made some amazing Air Dry Clay props for the girls - an Audrey 2 for Amelie and a Lego Spider for Clementine! 

Below you can see the step by step process of making the Audrey 2!

Clementine was also lucky enough to dress up during the week for pre-school:

She picked The Grudge - and wore a dress I made with The Fancy Dress Pattern!

On the night before Halloween we had a special craft night where we carved mini pumpkins and made some paper haunted houses!

Amelie got to carve her first BIG pumpkin on Halloween morning!

Then it was time to dress up...

Clementine as the Lego Spider Vampire Lady minifig!

Atticus as THE HULK!

And Amelie as Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors!

I made her dress using The Fancy Dress Pattern - just extending the bodice for length - shortening the sleeves and adding a line of shirring!

And we were off! 

Our neighborhood has some lovely families that get out and about on Halloween and we love seeing all the amazing costumes!

And finally the finished pumpkins at nighttime!



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