Crochet Letter Blankets

Last month I was on my way to our Brown Owls craft group with no on a whim I decided to make a crochet blanket for Clementine. I got her to choose some colours from the stash and she came up with this amazing combination: 3 parts pink 1 part orange!

Putting it together I thought it might be fun to turn the orange into a C-Blankie for Clementine! She loved it despite the photos you see below!

*Disclaimer: This quilt was not made during that meeting...but it was pretty quick taking 1 week all up!

Next up was Amelie's blanket...she wanted all the colours but compromised with this lovely set:


They were fun and pretty simple to make...all you need to do is create plain coloured granny squares and arrange one colour in the letter of your choice! And to finish the design alternate the other colours around this! 


  1. Both of those are gorgeous, lovely idea, I bet they cherish them.


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