Rope Vessel

I have been pondering rope vessels for a while now...and finally found the time to duck into a hardware store to pick up some rope!

Inspired by Gemma Patford and Soule Mama I got the girls to paint the rope before I sewed it together.

It was a super simple and quick project...I love the result and can't wait to make some more. I've got some rope on the way so stay tuned for more fun! The pictures don't do it justice but there is a lot of gold sparkly paint in there too!

AND it can also double as a fun hat!


  1. I have the rope and the intent to make one. But I want to cover mine with fabric, so I just need to get the strips cut and do it! Love your version.

  2. Gorgeous vessel and great hat- although your model doesn't seem to agree!!

  3. I love that you had your girls paint the rope. It makes a really great looking bowl.

  4. Have you found a good source of rope? I would love to know

    1. I got my first test batch from a hardware store I was passing...then I got a bulk lot from eBay as it was cheaper!

  5. Ahhhh why didn't I think of eBay!! I have made a few small bowls from the hardware small spools but would love to try something bigger. Thanks for the tip


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