Harry Potter Screen Printed Vintage Sheet Quilt & Pennants Tutorial


Today I have an awesome tutorial to share with you so you can make your own screen printed Harry Potter quilt! There is also a mini tutorial to make a pennant as well! 

I was inspired by Luna Lovegood and wanted to make a bright and colourful quilt that you might find if you popped over to her house for a visit.

I chose my favourite Harry Potter symbols to print and combined them with my favourite vintage sheets. To complete the quilt I hand embroidered around the prints adding definition and a home made feel.

I loved screen printing and it was so satisfying when it worked! I was screen printing everything! I even screen printed onto some of the vintage sheet squares and I hope to make an extra quilt from these!

I hope you are inspired to give screen printing, quilting and embroidery a go, if you haven't already, and create something you love!

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I had some special guests help me to photograph the quilt...
Welcome Harry, Hermione and Luna Lovegood!

Hermione Spun the Time Turner

and there was some MAGIC!

DIY Harry Potter Screen Printed Quilt

(quantities will vary depending on the size you choose for your quilt) 

White Quilting Cotton to Screen Print
Vintage Sheets / Fabric for Squares and Backing
Embroidery Thread
Machine Thread
Fabric Paint

Step 1 - Create Your Screen and Prepare Your Table!

Cut out your stencil for the screen. They need to be smaller than 8 inches square in size. 

To create this quilt I traced some of my favourite Harry Potter symbols - Harry's Glasses - The Golden Snitch - The Deathly Hallows - Harry's Lightening Bolt Scar and his Patronus - The Stag! They were all simple - a couple of them (the Glasses and Deathly Hallows) required some of the cut out pieces to be taped to the screen as above! 

Tape down your stencil to the screen - I found masking tape was the best as it held and then came off easily!

If you don't have a screen you can use a stencil and sponge the paint on! 

Prepare your table - I use a layer of polar fleece under a layer of calico. I secure this with either bulldog clips or tape. 

Lay your fabric to screen on top - if you want you can also secure this with tape!

Step 2 - Apply Your Paint and Print!

Apply a line of fabric paint over your stencil. 

Hold the screen down and use your squeegee at a 45 degree angle to to drag the paint across the stencil. 

Once you are sure the whole image has been covered carefully lift your screen - hold your fabric down if not secured.

Step 3 - Dry and Heat Set Your Design

Once you have finished with your print run use a hairdryer to dry the paint. 

This is best done immediately...I have had several times where I have tried to make it to the clothes line and the design has blown on itself ruining the print...so now I always dry straight away!

After the paint has completely dried use an iron to heat set the paint. 

I use a piece of calico over the top of the design in-case some of the print transfers.

Step 4 - Cut Out Your Squares

Cut out your screen prints and fabric into 8 1/2 inch squares. 

For the final design you will need 2 of each screen print as well as 2 of each vintage sheet colour to match (or any fabric of your choice!). 

Above are my piles of fabric with alternating screen print and vintage sheets!

Step 5 - Arrange Your Squares and Sew the Quilt Top

You can arrange the squares as you please! 

For this quilt I used alternating squares in a rainbow pattern as above.

Sew each row together with a 1/4 inch seam and then stitch the rows together with a 1/4 inch seam.

Press seams towards the dark side as you go!

Step 6 - Baste the Quilt and Quilt it!

Cut out a backing fabric and wadding 5 inches larger than your quilt top all around.

Use a basting spray or pins to baste your quilt together.

Machine / Hand quilt as desired. For this quilted 1/4 inch around each square to create the effect below:

Step 7: Bind The Quilt

Trim the excess backing fabric and wadding from the edges of the quilt. 

You can use ready made binding or make you own! 

I made mine from a vintage sheet and used THIS method by Heather Bailey to bind the quilts!

Step 8 - Hand Embroider Your Screen Prints

Hand stitch with 2 embroidery threads around the outline of the screen print.

 Your Quilt is DONE!

DIY Pennants

A Vintage Sheet / Fabric
Backing Fabric
Embroidery Thread
Machine Thread
A piece of dowel / A stick

I turned some of the vintage sheets I screen printed into pennants to hang up!

This is a simple and effective way to display a print, text or fun design. 

Step 1: Cut the screen print into a pennant shape and cut a matching backing. I folded it in half to make sure the edges were even when I cut the diagonals on the bottom.

Step 2: With right sides together stitch around the sides and bottom (I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance) of the pennant, leaving the top open. Trim and clip corners, turn the right side out and press. 

Step 3: Press the top inside 1/2 inch all around. Top stitch the top seam closed. 

Step 4: Fold the top of the pennant 1inch over the back. Check to ensure your dowel/stick can fit through before you stitch it down. stitch on top of the row of stitching from step 3 securing it to the front of the pennant.

Step 5: Hand embroider with 2 threads around the screen printed design.

Step 6: Insert the dowel/stick into the casing and attach cord on either side to hang it!

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  1. Oh how clever - it's wonderfully Harry Potter without being too cheesy! Genius - and now bookmarked for when my lot get to Harry sort of age!


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