Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago and Honey Lemon Cosplay

For Amelie's Birthday she wanted a BIG HERO 6 Party!

So....introducing Clementine as Honey Lemon and Amelie as Go Go Tomago!

Their costumes are a mix of found and handmade items!

My favourite handmade items are the awesome fabric helmets and Honey Lemon's bag!

I stewed for a long time about how to make them and they ended up being very simple but effective!



I love the heart on Honey Lemon's bag! The chemical formula buttons are from my stash! 

It saved me from cutting out lots of tiny felt bits!

 Next time I would hunt down velco dots for the balls on the bag cause the glue didn't hold too well but the kids did have fun throwing the balls around!


  1. So glad I found your blog before I spent $40 on yellow gogo boots for my daughter's costume for this Halloween. The costumes look great and thanks to you Mom for the ideas!

    1. Hurrah! Yes I was looking into boots too and the prices were insane! Good luck with the costume!

  2. My daughter is being honey lemon for halloween, what kind of balls did you use for the purse?

    1. Hello! Sorry for the delayed response - I picked up some plastic balls from the baby toy section and glued them on. They held for a bit but ended up all coming off!


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