The Birta Jumper - My First Fair Isle Knit

I attempted my first Fair Isle knit this year!

I was a bit worried about going insane but turns out it was quite fun. It was a challenge but in a good way! If I had the inclination I'd love to design more fun patterns to Fair Isle!

Turns out I must have gone wrong somewhere on the normal knitting as the finished knit is tight on the arms but loose on the body?!?!

It is wearable but I am hoping the arms will loosen up a bit over time!

I also love these little siamese snowflakes that happened at the join! Not sure if that was meant to happen but I'm going with it!

Ravelled HERE!


  1. It looks gorgeous. Love the muted colour scheme.

  2. Wow, so fantastic! I wish I had the fortitude for Fair Isle!

  3. Your sweater looks so pretty. I think you are really brave tackling such a challenging pattern.
    Ali xx


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