A Very Tim Burton Christmas

I am so excited to be joining in Sew Geeky's Tim Burton Series today! 

We have been HUGE fans for a long time...see below geeking out when I met Tim Burton with a baby Clementine! I have only made one Tim Burton inspired costume before for Clementine's 1st Birthday when she was Alice. See it HERE!

For this series I let the children pick who they wanted to be and they picked an awesome range...though I must say Atticus did have a little bit of help!

Amelie chose Katrina Van Tassel from Sleepy Hollow

Clementine chose Lydia from Beetlejuice

Atticus had Pee Wee Herman from Pee Wee's Big Adventure selected for him!

Katrina Van Tassel - Vital Statistics

I love this character and Christina Ricci so I was super excited to make this costume! I made a summery version of the dress as it is pretty hot down in Australia and I wanted the dress to get lots of wear over the holidays!

Pattern: I based the dress on The Sweet Dress by The Cottage Mama. The main alteration was to the bodice centre front to match the dress from Sleepy Hollow. I also added a trim of the fabric very tightly gathered around the front and the back. 

Bustle: I made a simple removable bustle by gathering with elastic vertically and normal gathers along the top. I added press studs along the waistline of the dress to attach the bustle. The stud are hidden so the dress looks normal when the bustle is removed. 

Fabric: A cheap black and white striped poly cotton from Rainbow Fabrics.

This is another amazing character and actress! Great picks girls! It was an awesome selection for the red wedding dress too...Clementine also wanted me to make one in black! This is another more summer option for the holidays. I made it in a size 6 so I hope it will get a lot of wear in the next few years!

Pattern: I based the dress on The Ruffle Dress by The Cottage Mama. I added ruffle sleeves and adjusted the top of the bodice to match the style of the one in the film (obviously without the high neck overlay).

Fabric: A poly cotton red fabric from Rainbow Fabrics for the main fabric and a red spotty tulle from Spotlight for the overlay fabric and veil.

I'm sure if Atticus could say more than a few words (and the lyrics to 'Let it Go'!) he would have asked to be Pee Wee!

Pattern: I used the Blank Slate Pattern Basic Blazer for the jacket which was perfect - it even came with little welt pockets which took me a few goes to master but were perfect for a little white Pee Wee hankie! I also LOVE the red and white striped lining!

For the pants I used the Flat Front Pants tutorial from MADE. Since Pee Wee has shortened pants I folded them up for the photos but he can also wear them as normal pants!

I made the bow up and added elastic so it sits comfortably around Atticus's neck.

Fabric: A poly cotton red fabric from Rainbow Fabrics for the bow. A red and white striped poly cotton for the lining and an unknown grey fabric for the blazer and pants.

We wish you a Very Happy Tim Burton Christmas!


  1. I love them! I love your choices! so lovely, off to check out the Alice link!

  2. I am really in love with your sleepy hollow dress- it's an all time favorite for me and you did such a great job! I also adore how well everything goes together- even though you picked 3 diffrent movies, I bet it makes for great family photos!

  3. Love! I've been thinking of a Lydia cosplay myself. Great choice :)

  4. What a cute little guy! Glad you liked the pattern.

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