Mini Manu

This lovely cardigan has been 2 1/2 years in the making...I would pick it up and put it down...thankfully knowing this I made it in a size 4 so it would still fit at least one of the girls one day!

I made numerous mistakes which I have now found is due to misplacing the 'special techniques' page...silly me...if you want to look at the proper pattern and do it right check it out HERE!

I love it but am very sad that I stuffed it up...the biggest mistake is that the pleats are too big...I thought nine stitch pleats meant 9 stitches but it was 3 the neckline is all wrong.

I am also sad I ran out of wool so I didn't make the pockets which was my favourite feature...I could have gotten more but at that stage I had already stuffed up the neckline so I didn't bother.

On the plus side the girls have no idea and LOVE it anyway...YES!

But I shall forever be haunted by the neckline...and I am way to scared to ravel it...(edit: raveled)

Fingers crossed my next failure will be a speedy one!


  1. it looks great and the girls look lovely in it. :)

  2. That is a beautiful sweater! The color is perfect, and the buttons are so fun! What a pretty pattern.

  3. Awww, it looks adorable! (Neckline and all.) I do have to say, whenever I make a mistake *I* am always the one that finds it glaring and annoying. Other people barely even notice . . . most of the time. I am hoping to start a sweater for my little girl soon, I'm trying to figure out how many sizes up I should make it so that she can wear it when I finish! ;-)

    (I'm a new follower!)

  4. Thouraya you totally can't even see a mistake!

    Funnily enough it's the same colour as a sweater my mum knitted for my dad while there were dating and in separate countries. My dad's a tall guy so she compensated by making the arms long. Too long :P He must have still worn it because I remember the sweater needing elbow patches at some point.


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