Sherbet Pips Party Skirts

Today the girls were treated with another item to add to their summer wardrobe:

Sherbet Pips Skirts!

I have had this fabric stashed away for quite a while...I love it and as per usual I couldn't afford a lot of it so I got small cuts of 4 of the lovely prints.

I decided to make skirts out of them to make the most of the fabric. I used a red polka dot trim to add length to the skirts and some ric rac for fun!

Now I thought I would be super smart and get the girls to pick their favourite on their own so there were no fights. Of course they both picked the white swing skirt - which is also my fave!

Clementine was very diplomatic and changed her mind to the grey scooter print so then everyone was happy!

 The last two skirts are now in my shop if you want to check them out!


  1. Wow, these are adorable! The girls are so cute, you have great little models! I wish I had a girl to put them on, my son would probably object though. I'll pin them, these need to be seen :)

  2. So pretty! thanks so much for linking up to the block party


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