Let the sewing begin!

I have started making a list of sewing I need and want to get done! 

First I tackled some vintage sheet quilts!

First I made the quilt backing for my large vintage sheet quilt top. 

I saved a sheet I had destined for the op shop after a linen clean out and used it as a backing. It was just a bit too short so I threw in 2 rows of squares in the middle!

Please excuse the dodgy photos but it was way to hot to iron or get out in the middle of the day to photograph...but you get an idea of what the backing looks like!

Next I started on the 2nd vintage sheet quilt, using the second largest squares.

I am not sure yet what this will end up being but I thought it was an easy project to get stuck into!

I have currently sewn 10 patches of 9 squares and have 15 to go!

Bring it on!


  1. Both quilts look lovely - such soothing colour combinations will be wonderful to snuggle under


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