76 Quilt Squares = 5 Quilt Tops

Today...with the 'help' of my assistant...I finished piecing together the 76 blocks into 5 quilt tops. Three small cot quilts (3x4 patches) and two large cot quilts (4x5 patches).

Testing different layouts!

 Small Cot Quilt - Green Centres

Small Cot Quilt - Brown Centres

 Small Cot Quilt - Pink and Purple Centres

 Large Cot Quilt - Assorted Centres

 Large Cot Quilt - Assorted Centres

 The Finished Set!

Now I just have the TINY squares to go!

Oh yeah and then that whole 'quilting' caper!


  1. They all look amazing! Well done :)

  2. This looks absolutely great! I love it! Great you have a little assistant! The colours looks really pretty :) Have an awesome day!

  3. They look great. Have you been using vintage sheets?

    1. Yes! I've been using all my left over 'scraps' from vintage sheet dress making!!

  4. These are beautiful. I'm inspired to get moving on a vintage sheet quilt I've started cutting for. Cx


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