Make It Count

This week we returned to swimming lessons! 

The girls were so excited...I was less so but they love them so it's worth it!

We also did some lovely water colours with food colouring...

...made some cherry earrings... 

 ...and Amelie played make is her diy job of Draculaura....pretty scary!

And where is Clementine you say? 

She is off napping, toilet training, and generally running out of the frame before I can catch her!

Hopefully I can wrangle up some cute shots of her this week!

Here's one to keep you till next week...Clementine enjoying some delicious ice cream on our holiday!


  1. Oh yes. Swimming lessons. So much organising, wrangling, changing, washing, ... blah blah all for a half hour. But yes, as you say, the children do seem to love them!!! (And I remember loving them as a kid too!)


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