Make It Count - Holiday Edition

We've been off on a small holiday down the coast to celebrate my birthday and to Buckenderra to celebrate my father in law's 70th!

It was a great trip...the weather could have been warmer but what can do?!?!

Awesome fun was had by all and now we need another holiday to recover!

Floyd with some of his 23 grandchildren!

Birthday Cake Goodness

Ruby Slippers Picture by Amelie

On returning home Amelie styled her grass haired girl who was finally growing some long she has to start again!

I hope you have been having some exciting adventures too...what has been going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. Loving the holiday edition big time... and yes... a pity that one can't have a holiday to recover from holidays - I so totally understand what you mean by that.

  2. love the matching cake and shirt!! mezz


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